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Professional tax preparation is a booming business. Places like H R; Block promise bigger returns, corrections of past mistakes and quick money. I can’t remember a January where I didn’t drive by the local tax preparation office to see long lines and anxious tax payers waiting for their refund checks.
Year after year, my husband and I prepared our own taxes with programs like Turbo Tax and the like thinking that we were saving money. We could not justify paying $100 or more to someone else when we could simply input numbers, apply a stamp and wait for the US Government to send us money.

When I started my own small business in 2004, we had many questions about business write offs, mileage and general tax questions as a couple with a new business. We turned to Slye Accounting in Symmes Township located at 11925 Montgomery Road (off the Field’s Ertel exit from 71 or the Montgomery Road exit from 275) in Cincinnati. I, like so many other people believed that if we weren’t rich or we didn’t have anything to complicate our taxes that we were better off doing them ourselves. But all of a sudden, I had all of these important questions about my business that weighed so heavily on my mind. What if I did something wrong? What if I ended up with an audit? I wanted to be able to trust someone with my business tax details and that was not easy.

Corporate Tax Write Off

Leonard Slye, the owner of Slye Accounting is extremely knowledgeable about both personal tax laws as well as businesses, both large and small. After talking with him for just a few minutes, he identified more deductions that we were allowed to take as well as how to go about recording them. During our first tax preparation with Slye Accounting, Leonard Slye made a change to our taxes because of a tax “rule”. We were completely unaware of this government rule but it has literally saved us thousands of dollars. Year after year, we are eligible for this rule and would have never known about it without trusting Slye Accounting with our business and personal taxes – especially for organizing a Wyoming LLC¬†inexpensively.

As if saving us money is not enough, Slye Accounting provides us with so much more than tax preparation. There are several other services or advantages to using Slye Accounting for your personal or business tax returns.

* Slye Accounting is open year round , not just tax season, and will answer your questions anytime during business hours by simply calling them at 513-677-0300. Leonard Slye can usually answer my questions in seconds and he always makes suggestions that end up benefiting me later. There is no charge at Slye Accounting for their customer’s questions.

* Slye Accounting keeps your information in their computer and files so that if you have a question about your taxes, income or any information found in your files, you can call them. I am embarrassed to say that I have called them for simple information that I should have kept myself. I have called and asked for my tax identification number for my business several times. Audrey, one of Leonard’s associates at Slye Accounting, looks up my information and gives it to me without a problem.WY Limited Liability Company Organization

* Slye Accounting sends out valuable tax resources year round to their customers with tax information and updates. The information is much needed as their clients figure out what they can claim and how much they will claim for things like gas mileage which changes every year. This valuable information and a lot more is included in Slye Accounting’s informational brochures sent free to their clients.

* Slye Accounting keeps copies of your tax returns for at least 7 years. That means if you are audited or your tax records are lost in a fire or for another reason, Slye Accounting has the copies that you would need to replace.

* Slye Accounting uses a tax program to crunch the numbers and help prepare taxes. This program is able to identify ways to utilize laws and avenues for more savings. This year, my small business showed a profit for the first time and we were sweating bullets anticipating the amount that we would be paying in taxes. We were pleasantly surprised at the end result when Leonard Slye explained to us that we had home office expenses that laid dormant from other years of not needing to claim the expenses. The program simply applied the expenses to the current year and wiped out the profit that we showed. This was another example of thousands of dollars saved for us because we trusted Slye Accounting with our tax return.

Limited Liability Company Taxation

* Slye Accounting certainly stays busy during tax season but you will not wait in long lines, face angry, impatient employees or feel like your business is not appreciated. Slye Accounting has a little children’s section with coloring books and toys to help entertain children. They have snacks, nuts and candy set out along with free calendars and pens for their customers. You will leave Slye Accounting wondering why you ever prepared your own taxes or paid anyone else to prepare them.

Slye Accounting gives their customers peace of mind that they left no stone unturned and prepared their taxes in a way that benefits them completely. I felt compelled to write about this company after using Slye Accounting’s services for the 4th year in a row last month. Owners like Leonard Slye deserve their businesses recognized for exceptional work and extraordinary customer service.

Slye Accounting offers much more than tax preparation like payroll services and more. You can use the contact information below to contact Leonard Slye or any of his dedicated staff to get more information. Meanwhile, think about how you will spend all the money Slye Accounting saves you next year!