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You are going to learn a very dark secret about Penny Stock Newsletters like Penny Stock Dream Team
In fact, I have to say, you might get offended when you learn this dark truth about these Penny Stock Newsletter scams out there.

Simply put, you’re the pawn or rather, the puppet of Penny Stock Newsletters.
You might exclaim, “WHAT?!?!”
Read further and listen to my explanation.

These penny stock “gurus” are actually paid by a third-party member to promote the particular penny stocks they are telling you to buy. Yes, you read it right. Is it illegal? Well, it isn’t and even if it is the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) will have a hard time trying to trace them down. In fact, it is even done in media LEGALLY.
For instance, an “analyst” might urge investors that this particular stock is a “sure buy” or “sell immediately” or he labels it as “bullish” or “bearish”. What most people do not know is these “analysts” have already bought or shorted the stock before he released the news. Those whom blindly follow their orders to start accumulating or selling the stocks are actually just making them more richer. When was the time they told you to “buy” and then later told you when to profit it? They DON’T, because neither do they know how to predict the market’s erratic behaviour.

Now that’s similar to what these penny stock “gurus” are doing. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. A third-party trader buys a huge lot of stocks in a particular penny stock. He then finds a penny stock newsletter website like Penny Stock Dream Team and compensates them to advertise the penny stock for them.
  2. The penny stock guru now starts to create a hype by telling his penny stock newsletter subscribers that he has found a stock that is sure to breakout – creating intense interest and greed among these poor souls.
  3. On a particular day, when the time is right, the guru mass emails all his subscribers about it.
  4. Not just that, usually these gurus possess some extreme email spamming softwares. They could spam the hell out of the public telling them that this penny stock is a sure thing. And that is why sometimes when you see your spam inbox, you would see some strange guy sending you emails about penny stock picks and you didn’t even subscribe or know them at all.
  5. Sometimes, other traders whom got too greedy or even the guru himself would go to those stock bulletin board and forums to advertise about it.
  6. With all these hype and surge of buyers, the penny stock’s price surges with huge volume. This is all about supply and demand. The more demand a stock has, the higher the price will go. Also, penny stock are very sensitive to market demand. When such huge purchase are made, the price would surge higher and higher within the shortest period of time.
  7. Now here’s where the public comes in. Amateur traders and technical analysts whom are finding stocks to buy will be intrigued by the penny stock’s sudden interest. They will become intrigued too and they start buying the same penny stock, thus causing the price to rise further and higher.
  8. Now the sad part – the third party immediately closes his position by selling all his penny stocks at once. A sudden drop in the penny stock’s price sparked a panic selling among those whom are holding the penny stock. Within days, the penny stock’s value fell at such drastic rate that it becomes worthless again.

penny stocks pump and dump
At the highest point is the very time when the mastermind would close his position.
Panic-selling ensued.
Disgusted? Angry? Well, you shouldn’t!
Why? This is the very thing that you can exploit to profit from their pump-and-dump scheme!
The main key to profiting from these schemes is NOT TO BE GREEDY.
Join the pump and sell before the mastermind closes his position! It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a REAL case study of how I did it.

I subscribed to Penny Stock Egghead‘s penny stock pick newsletter. On 29 November 2010, Nathan Gold (The Guru of that site) send his penny stock pick. He promised that it will be a successful pick and it will breakout to new highs. Of course, the email was filled with all those mumbo-jumbo fundamental analysis stats and such (like winning a contract with a big company, .etc), hence it was an excellent pick.
But when I scrolled down the email, I saw this very interesting disclaimer.

Penny Stock Newsletter Scam Evidence

This just proves my theory right. During the time when the email was sent on the weekends, Solar Park Initiative was priced at $0.40. The price soared to $0.48 on the 1st of December 2010 before panic-selling ensued on 2nd December onwards. I exited on 1st December 2010 before the market close and pocketed a whopping huge profit. This is just one of my success stories in exploiting the truth.

Penny Stock Newsletter Success
The Penny Stock Gurus are what I termed as “Signallers”.

As you can see, such truths can be exploited easily.
Imagine short-selling before the panic-selling ensues… the HUGE amount of profits you can get!

Remember, knowledge is power. I’ve just given you the biggest secret that you can get.
Now you might be wondering why would I want to let you know such a profitable exploit.
Well, for such exploits to work successfully, you need a great deal of subscribers.
If there isn’t much demand, without a doubt the penny stock’s price wouldn’t soar at all.

Penny Stock Dream Team is the new penny stock newsletter that has gain much popularity among penny stock traders. And according to my research and enquiries, Penny Stock Egghead has about 5,000 subscribers. Penny Stock Dream Team, on the other hand, has near to 50,000 subscribers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the demand and such.
That is why I highly recommend Penny Stock Dream Team if you wish to exploit this profitable secret.

So take action now before this gets saturated. Take action before this opportunity and exploit disappears!
And remember my tip: NEVER GET GREEDY! Get in and get out quickly and enjoy the profits!

Cheers and may we sip champagne together at a luxury hotel one day.